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The Challenge: Communicating in a Crowded, Confusing World

Just being heard isn't a question of volume, it's a question of strategy.  Is your organization stuck printing and mailing piles of newsletters?  Eager to implement e-newsletters?  Perplexed about Twitter?  Eager to jump on the Facebook bandwagon?  Challenges coordinating remote staff?

The Solution: Cause Connections Helps You Communicate

The good news is that organizations have a wide range of tools at their disposal.  There are more ways to reach out, engage, and communicate than ever before.  The challenge is applying the right tool to the job.

Campaign Communication Solutions:
Are you an advocacy organization engaged in a legislative campaign? You know how challenging it can be to maintain communications and share information with a large coalition. Cause-Connections can provide solutions, training, and ongoing education to help your campaign connect, stay in touch, and succeed.

E-Advocacy Solutions:
Are you looking for ways to communicate with members, influence decision-makers, communicate your impact, and reduce costs? E-advocacy can be a great way to achieve all this, and more.  Let Cause-Connections help you set goals, then select and implement an e-Advocacy solution.

Web Solutions:
Websites enhance the potential of small organizations.  Unfortunately, sifting through the software, hosting, security, e-commerce, and other choices involved in website selection can be arduous.  We won't design your site for you; instead, we will help you choose a web platform to accomplish your goals, assist in cost analysis, draft an RFP, supervise programmers, and represent your organizational interests.