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IT Strategies/Solutions

Challenge: Office Computers Balky, No IT Procedures
Is your organization hampered by nagging computer issues?  Are you relying on "accidentally technical" staff to support your computers? Have you heard other organizations discuss free or inexpensive software that seems more functional than yours? Do you have a "software closet" into which expensive software immediately disappears?

Solution: Cause-Connections Makes Technology Serve Your Mission

At Cause-Connections, we're familiar with challenges non-profits face: small budgets, limited technical capacity, and ever-present time crunches.  We have the experience with free, donated, and open-source software to provide small organizations with enterprise-level solutions.  We have developed simple, innovative solutions to common computer woes, and methods to simplify IT maintenance and planning.  Our emphasis isn't on supporting the day-to-day "bugs" that you may encounter; rather, we will equip you with the organizational tools to manage IT successfully over the long-term.  Unlike enterprise-level IT consultants, we're familiar with non-profit budgets, so we can help prioritize purchases and develop customized policies to move you in the right direction, as funding and time allow.